Most Memorable Gift to Give them on their Wedding Day ...

Deliver That Wedding Speech That Will Make Everyone ... Speechless

Are you one of the lucky guests giving a speech on their big day?If speaking in front of 10 people isn't your favorite thing, just wait until you're standing alone in front of 100 or more people. It's natural to feel nervous......but when you write the perfect wedding speech and prepare yourself, you can:

Deliver a speech that will knock their socks off

Defeat nervous jitters and look confident

Make them laugh, cry or all of the above

Dear Friend,

Sure, it's their big day.But that doesn't mean you're not nervous too! You've got an important job to do.Best Man Speech

One that will be remembered forever (for better or for worse). And you can either knock it out of the ballpark... or deliver a dud.

The best thing you can do is sit down and discover what makes a great wedding speech great. What will impress the bride, groom, and all the friends and family who join them?

It may seem overwhelming, but it's easy when you know how.

Will You Be Tongue-Tied
When It's Time For Your Speech?

Weddings are meant to be fun and carefree. NOT full of anxiety. You may be full of doubt and fear that your speech won't come off the way you want it to.

But it can! And YOUR speech CAN be the one everyone will remember.

When you find out how others have delivered dynamite speeches (with real samples), and let me show you how they wrote and planned them -- you'll be ready to shock everyone with your own perfect wedding speech.

Note: Plus you can use proven relaxation techniques that will calm your nerves and let you enjoy yourself.

Discover The Toastmaster
Hidden Inside You...

They may not think of you as a great speech giver now. But just wait 'til you deliver your well-prepared, smartly-written speech that will touch everyone in the crowd.

This Wedding Speech Guide, "Guide to Wedding Speech or Toast" will turn you into an expert toastmaster overnight. Want to learn how to brainstorm, outline, write and deliver the perfect speech?

Now you can, and starting in just minutes from now. When you click the link at the bottom of this page, you can download my wedding speech guide straight to your PC and start getting prepared tonight. are just SOME of the wedding speech strategies you will find inside:

Why on earth do we give wedding speeches anyway? Find the history of the wedding speech

Tricks for turning your nervous energy into a memorable speech

Secrets to writing a speech that's easy to deliver and captures your audience

"Self-interview" questions to help you find the perfect thing to say

Wedding speech etiquette tips to save you from embarrassment

Steps to creating a "mind map" of your speech. (Which is a secret weapon successful speakers use to organize their thoughts)

Tips for putting your heart into your speech

What one thing the best toasts all have in common

When is it "time" to deliver your speech

10 delivery tips for giving a speech everyone will love and remember


Packed with Wedding Speech Examples

Whether you are the Bride, Groom, Best Man, Bridesmaid, Father or Mother of the Bride, or just about anyone giving a wedding speech, we have sample speeches for everyone are wedding speech samples you can find inside

5 Best Man Speeches

5 Bride Speech Samples

3 Mother of the Bride Speeches

Uncle Speech

5 Maid of Honor Speeches

4 Father of the Bride Speeches

2 Groom's Parents Speech

Grandparent Speech

Brother of the Bride Speech

Miscellaneous Wedding Toasts and Speeches

The Super Effective "10 Commandments" Wedding Speech

Supporting Topics Not Found On Other Wedding Speech Guides

This book was designed to provide you everything you need to know to deliver that perfect wedding speech.  The topics below are guides you won't find compiled on other wedding speech guides

...Complimentary topics that make this book the complete guide that stands out from the rest

Do's and Don'ts of wedding speeches that will keep you out of trouble

Things to do right before and during your speech to make sure nothing goes wrong

Steps to building confidence for your big moment

21 tips for defeating anxiety. (Arm yourself with these and feel at peace.)

6 themes to choose from for your perfect wedding speech

Tips and tricks for delivering the perfect joke

6 topics to avoid at all cost

*** And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed! ***

How To Knock Everyone's
Socks Off On The Big Day

You only have one chance to deliver a hit. And "Your Guide To Writing Wedding Speeches" will save you from feeling awkward and tongue-tied - to a cool and confident success that everyone will love.

It only takes 60 minutes to browse through my wedding speech guide and start your journey to delivering the perfect wedding speech. (Plus you can start in just minutes from now.)

How much is the perfect wedding moment worth to you? If your speech doesn't go as planned, you might pay $500 to have another chance! $100 would be worth making sure you are at your best.

But my wedding speech guide isn't nearly that much. You can ensure you knock their socks off for just $4.99 or $6.99 if you buy it with both the ebook and video edition




And since you have better things to worry about, your investment is 100% Guaranteed. If at any time within 45 days (and for any reason), you don't think my wedding speech guide was worth it...

...just send me an email saying so. I'll return your investment ASAP with no questions asked and no hard feelings.


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Thanks for reading,

Perfect Wedding Guides

P.S. Can you afford to give a speech you wish you could take back? Make sure you get it right the first time.

Make the decision to get my wedding speech guide now, and read dozens of sample speeches to help you write your own.

(Plus practice my relaxation and speaking tips that will help you knock their socks off.) Click the link below to download my wedding speech guide now because there are a few questions for you to answer.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 3
The History of Wedding Speeches and Toasts 4
Speech giving basics 5
What to Consider When Writing a Wedding Speech 8
Getting Started with your Speech 10
Creating a Speech with Mind Mapping 11
Getting Help with Toasting 13
Wedding Toasts 17
Do’s & Don’ts of Wedding Speeches 18
Presenting your Wedding Speech 20
Building your Confidence in 12 Steps 22
How to Deal with Speech Anxiety 23
Wedding Speech Themes 27
Joke and anecdote advice 29
Things to avoid 30
A Final Word 31
Sample Speeches 34