Wedding Gift Giving Guide

If you are stressed out on what to get a couple on their wedding, we can help you out with this wedding gift giving guide.

  • Get it from the Registry - This would be the clear top tip.  Obviously, items in the registry are already pre-selected by the couple.  This would mean that you can never go wrong.   Selecting a gift from the registry vastly decreases possibly hundreds of choices for your wedding.
  • Go for the basic necessities -  Think of the place where the couple would be living together and choose an area where you can contribute to.  Looking around your own house might also give you ideas.
    • For the bedroom, think of good linen, functional lamps or a nice wall decor
    • In the bath, "his and her" item sets would be a good choice or high-quality towels.
    • Stick with the basic kitchen items and avoid gadgets that might be used only a number of times and would just be a permanent fixture in the cupboard.  For example, pasta makers, coffee grinders, etc. You would also need to consider the cooking habits of millennials these days since it would most likely be in that age group that you would be giving wedding gifts nowadays.
    • For the living area, most people fail to consider wall decors, a nice rug.  You may also consider technology items such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home.  One of those video doorbells would also be a good choice.
  • Stay Neutral on Colours - Avoid overpowering colours and stick with the neutral tones.   One thing that couples don't want happening is having different gifts that are conflicting in colours and design.
  •  Consider a group gift - There is power in numbers.  This would also be true in gift giving.  Pitching in together to buy a gift would expand the range of the gift you can purchase.  You may even go for item sets such as couches, dining set or an entertainment set.
  • Gift cards are not too bad - People sometimes think that giving gift cards are quite impersonal.  However, this would not be as bad as some people think.  This enables the couple to get something that they would want or need.


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