Its a Toast not a Roast

It’s a Toast not a Roast


The Cleveland19 News has a Wedding Wednesday Segment.  In their Week #7 segment, they talked about the perfect toast.  The very first thing that they highlighted as an absolute thing one should not do:

“It’s a toast, not a roast

It is very easy to fall into this trap of roasting the newlyweds.  While it may seem a fun and humorous thing to do, some people that do this often overstep their bounds.  This may be due to a lack of proper preparation on the speech or toast giver.  And the easiest way around the lack of preparation is to speak of nothing else but to grill the newlyweds.  While it is good to lighten up the speech, there are other ways of dong this such as delivering a joke or keep the roasting to a very bare minimum.  People should remember that even though they know the couple and might think that they won’t mind, there are people in the wedding that may be offended.  These people could be the parents and relatives.

There are other items that Cleveland19 suggest doing:

  • Keep the speech length in check
  • Do plan, practice and prepare
  • Hold the “thank you’s.” Do that personally, in private.

For a more comprehensive guide on delivering and preparing for a wedding speech or toast. You can refer to our guide here

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