Wedding Roundup #025

5 Tips to Capture Wedding Photos Professionally

Photographs are amazing if you want to embed a great moment in your life not just in your mind, but also tangibly in front of you. And now with the creation of cameras which can give absolutely amazing results, people are attracted more and more to hiring professional photographers who can cover each moment of this special period in a couple’s life.

If you plan on becoming a wedding photographer who can make this period unforgettable for the two individuals involved, you need to be aware of some important tips to capture extremely professional wedding photographs.

Understanding of Backgrounds

Professional wedding photographs have this law ...

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Everything a Bride Needs to Know About Hosting a Daytime Wedding

While the most popular time for a wedding is a Saturday evening, there’s no rule saying you can’t get married at other times of day. In fact, considering alternative times can actually save you a good amount of money and give you some flexibility when it comes to the type of event you’d like to have. So why not kick off a weekend of celebration with a daytime wedding instead of waiting until 6 p.m.? We’ve rounded up the most common questions surrounding a midday wedding and turned to our experts for the answers.

What should our timeline look like?

The biggest difference between a daytime and ...


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Your Guide to Bridal Bouquets

Choose flowers that suit your taste, and your budget.

Like brides, bouquets come in all shapes and sizes. The “rules” for choosing a bridal bouquet have loosened quite a bit in recent years, with brides carrying everything from large cascades to humble sunflowers tied with a simple ribbon. Though it’s important to choose flowers that suit your taste and your budget, you should know how to “speak the language” when you visit florists for consultations or estimates. Here’s a quick crash course in bridal bouquet styles.

Hand- Tied

A favorite among Bohemian brides, this loosely arranged bouquet is tied with ribbon by the stems. This style is ideal for outdoor venues or in rustic environments ...

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