Wedding Roundup #023

Guide For The Perfect Marriage Proposal This Fall

Proposing to your woman is always a serious, thrilling step, and good preparation is the key to making this day memorable for both of you. Moreover, autumn is coming – a traditional season of proposals. So, no more doubts and delays! Let’s plan the ideal marriage proposal together! We have collected some expert tips and unbeatable proposal ideas that will help you not only elicit the desired “YES” from your bride-to-be, but also to make the event truly unique and fascinating.

The Ring Is the Clue

Those who don’t know what to start with – start with the ring. That’s an indispensable accessory without which a proposal won’t make sense. It is simply not done this way! So, to make sure that you are fully equipped for the proposal, undertake these steps...


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How to Get Wedding Guests Drunk Without Spending a Fortune

Sure, weddings are cheery celebrations of undying love and steadfast commitment. But they’re also parades of unpleasant budgetary decisions that constantly force you to ask, should I splurge on this or save on that? It’s stressful and it sucks. For that very valid reason, we completely understand the temptation of a cash bar. After all, booze can be a hefty line item on your wedding budget—according to Bridal Guide magazine, an open bar could cost up to 20 percent of your overall wedding budget. But not if your guests foot the bill for their own drinks! And without free-flowing alcohol, there won’t be any embarrassing drunk uncle incidents! Everybody wins, right?

Here’s the problem: Of the four wedding experts we interviewed for this story...

bon appetit

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If You're Thinking About Eloping, Here's What You Should Know

It's expensive and time-consuming to host 150 people for a sit-down dinner, no matter how many cost-saving measures you employ for your wedding. Maybe you'd rather spend your wedding money on a downpayment for a house.Or hike a big mountain and say your vows in seclusion. For a number of reasons, it's no wonder more and more people are tempted to elope.
Jennifer MacFarlane, a wedding photographer in Bushwick, Brooklyn, who cofounded the company Eloping Is Fun, told The New York Times that the couples she works with "want something more laid-back, and there's this very punk-rock feeling about being married like this in New York City."
Or anywhere else, for that matter. Elopements aren't what they used to be: clandestine, quick, quite possibly in Vegas. These days, couples are ...



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