Wedding Roundup #014

Here's a survival guide to wedding finances

With the average cost of a wedding at an all-time high — more than $31,000 — the tradition of the bride’s family covering all of the expenses is becoming a thing of the past. Between travel, lodging, and attire, wedding guests also rack up their fair share of expenses. Fortunately, with proper planning, it’s possible to keep wedding costs under control. Here are a few pointers for enjoying the day without depleting your savings — whether you’re footing the bill or simply attending the event ...

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The definitive guide to choosing wedding wines

Alongside moving house, divorce and death, marriage is known to be one of the most stressful things in life.

As if this wasn’t pressure enough, your best friend had the wedding of century last year, so being the caring friend that you are, you need to beat them.

Seamless glamour doesn’t come easily, but getting the wine right is the easy part…when you know how.


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Men’s Fashion Guide: How to Stand Out at a Wedding (Without Overshadowing the Bride)

Summer wedding season is in full swing, and for many the invites are starting to overwhelm. What to wear is often a tough question—any man who takes his wardrobe seriously does not want to fade into the sea of navy and grey summer suits. Of course, there’s also a fine line of how bold you can go without seeming like you’re the one trying to be the center of attention ...

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