Wedding Roundup #013

A Guide to Out of the Way Wedding Venues in the Stateline

NORTHERN ILLINOIS - The peak of the local wedding season is just about here, which leads Stateline couples in search of the perfect spot to say, “I do.” With so many places to choose from, we reached out to Stateline photographer Christopher Tyson to show us some of his favorites that are just a little out of the way.

First Tyson takes us to South Beloit, where DC Estates Winery sits, a place where a couple can feel like they' are are escaping to the vineyards of Tuscany for their wedding...

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The Modern Man's Guide To Navigating a Wedding

The average wedding costs a hefty sum (£24,000 in 2016, according to MoneySavingExpert). So imagine the sheer rage when an old mate from university drinks the bar dry, makes a pass at your newly-minted mother-in-law and then proceeds to give the toilets The Exorcist treatment (causing yet another eye-watering fee).

The lesson? Don’t be that guy. Or any of the guys mentioned here. Be more like Myles Usher, the etiquette expert behind speech coaching service Speak-Well, who has a few tips for navigating nuptials without being a douche bag ...


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The Definitive ‘What the F**k Am I Going to Wear to This Wedding’ Guide for Guys

Celebrating love is nice and all, but figuring out what to wear to an event of that magnitude can be quite the dilemma. Around this time of year, incredibly popular people can be left with approximately 99 problems while trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding as a groom, a groomsmen, or a guest — and maybe all three in one summer.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when getting dressed for a wedding. One day you’re a groomsmen in a wedding at a church, and the next weekend you’re sitting on a stool in a barn watching your coworker recite their vows over a chorus of pig and chicken noises (jk). Here, a guide that is hopefully the least painless way for you to  ...


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