Wedding Roundup #010

A Comprehensive Guide To Pricing Your Wedding Photography

f you've ever thought about shooting a wedding, you have probably wondered: "How much should I charge to shoot a wedding?" In this free excerpt from the wedding photography tutorial, "How to Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer," we are going to talk about pricing your wedding photography. In addition to this free lesson, we are offering a limited time discount if you'd like to purchase the full tutorial...

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Many brides think nothing of spending thousands of pounds on their wedding gown.

And yet, when it comes to cleansing skin and prepping it to ensure a flawless finish, just as many brides are happy to leave it to chance … praying they don’t fall victim to a dreaded pimple outbreak ahead of the big day.

Award-winning celebrity make-up artist, Sarah Brock is a bridal make-up expert for Chanel, who was ...


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5 Wedding After-Party Ideas To Keep The Good Times Rolling

The best thing about attending prom, fashion shows, or even the Oscars is not the event — it's the after-parties. The most unforgettable memories happen when everyone is high on the joy of celebration and feels comfortable enough to let loose, which is precisely why many couples are now incorporating late-night fetes into their weddings. In fact, the search volume for "after-party inspiration" on Pinterest has risen 35% over the past year, according to a report released by the...


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