Wedding Roundup #009

Uncorked: Your Detailed Guide to Wedding Wines

You’re getting hitched. You’ve spent months making sure everything’s impeccable—the flowers, the music, the bow tie. But how much attention have you given to the wine? Yes, most of your guests will drink to the point where they don’t even care what’s in the glass, but there’s no reason the booze at your reception shouldn’t be as memorable as everything else on your big day.

The first order of business: “Don’t trust the caterer,” ...

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Every question you had about wedding shoes, answered

From how much to spend, to whether flip flops are a faux pas, we’ve asked the experts and compiled a comprehensive guide to shopping for your wedding shoes...

How much should I spend on my wedding shoes?

Let’s start with the budget, shall we? Bridebook’s UK Wedding Report for 2017 suggests that the average bride will spend £1,329 on her entire wedding look. It’s of course entirely up to you to assess how much you can afford, and also how much importance you place on the shoes, versus the dress and other key items like veils and jewellery. Widely, 10-15% of the cost of the dress is the recommended spend on shoes. According to etiquette experts Debrett’s, though, the bride’s family should pay. Might as well go to town then...

The Telegraph

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How to Have a Wedding in a New York City Apartment

You’re already sleeping in the city’s best venue. Here’s our everything guide to the apartment wedding, including how one couple pulled it off, advice from a wedding planner who specializes in atypical venues, a word from the fire marshal, and more.

 How One Couple Did It ...

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