Wedding Roundup #016

Couple ends up paying $1M for wedding photos they hated

These wedding pictures were worth a thousand words – and $1 million.

A newlywed Texas couple has been ordered to fork over $1.08 million to their wedding photographer for trashing her online and claiming she was holding their photos “hostage.” ...

New York Post

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Groom’s guide to a great wedloc

Here’s how men can own the wedding and steal the show as well as the bride’s heart
Wedding is often stereotyped as largely being the women’s forte — right from planning to execution. Break such archaic notions like a boss with the help of these tips ...


Telangana Today

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A guide to the best wedding gifts that newlyweds will love

Wedding season is in full swing. According to online gifting service Prezola, this Saturday is set to be the biggest day of the year, with over £1m expected to be spent on presents for happy couples.

The way we buy wedding gifts has changed in recent years, thanks in part to the rising average age of marriage. At a time when more people over 65 are deciding to tie the not, many couples no longer require the standard issue 'first home starter kit' that was once de rigeur...

The Telegraph

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Wedding Roundup #015

A guide to caring for your wedding rings

You did it! You bought an engagement ring and are one step closer to marrying the person of your dreams. You did your homework, and now it’s time for some extra credit. This guide will walk you through four important steps to ensure the lifelong happiness of your wedding ring and its wearer...

Omaha World Herald

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Your guide to being a great wedding guest

It might not seem like it, but being a wedding guest carries great responsibility. Your friend/family member is paying a lot of money for you to be there on their special day, and the least you can do is try not to get fall-down drunk before the wedding breakfast and puke on the mother of the bride ...


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An Expert’s Guide to Caring for Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress goes through a lot, from the ceremony and photos to dinner, drinking, and dancing, and let’s just say it won’t be quite so pristine after it’s been out of that dress bag all day. Whether you’re hoping your sister or future daughter will want to wear it, or you just want to save it for memory’s sake, when your wedding day is all said and done, your gown needs to be cleaned and preserved...

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Wedding Roundup #014

Here's a survival guide to wedding finances

With the average cost of a wedding at an all-time high — more than $31,000 — the tradition of the bride’s family covering all of the expenses is becoming a thing of the past. Between travel, lodging, and attire, wedding guests also rack up their fair share of expenses. Fortunately, with proper planning, it’s possible to keep wedding costs under control. Here are a few pointers for enjoying the day without depleting your savings — whether you’re footing the bill or simply attending the event ...

Record Eagle

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The definitive guide to choosing wedding wines

Alongside moving house, divorce and death, marriage is known to be one of the most stressful things in life.

As if this wasn’t pressure enough, your best friend had the wedding of century last year, so being the caring friend that you are, you need to beat them.

Seamless glamour doesn’t come easily, but getting the wine right is the easy part…when you know how.


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Men’s Fashion Guide: How to Stand Out at a Wedding (Without Overshadowing the Bride)

Summer wedding season is in full swing, and for many the invites are starting to overwhelm. What to wear is often a tough question—any man who takes his wardrobe seriously does not want to fade into the sea of navy and grey summer suits. Of course, there’s also a fine line of how bold you can go without seeming like you’re the one trying to be the center of attention ...

Robb Report

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Wedding Roundup #013

A Guide to Out of the Way Wedding Venues in the Stateline

NORTHERN ILLINOIS - The peak of the local wedding season is just about here, which leads Stateline couples in search of the perfect spot to say, “I do.” With so many places to choose from, we reached out to Stateline photographer Christopher Tyson to show us some of his favorites that are just a little out of the way.

First Tyson takes us to South Beloit, where DC Estates Winery sits, a place where a couple can feel like they' are are escaping to the vineyards of Tuscany for their wedding...

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The Modern Man's Guide To Navigating a Wedding

The average wedding costs a hefty sum (£24,000 in 2016, according to MoneySavingExpert). So imagine the sheer rage when an old mate from university drinks the bar dry, makes a pass at your newly-minted mother-in-law and then proceeds to give the toilets The Exorcist treatment (causing yet another eye-watering fee).

The lesson? Don’t be that guy. Or any of the guys mentioned here. Be more like Myles Usher, the etiquette expert behind speech coaching service Speak-Well, who has a few tips for navigating nuptials without being a douche bag ...


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The Definitive ‘What the F**k Am I Going to Wear to This Wedding’ Guide for Guys

Celebrating love is nice and all, but figuring out what to wear to an event of that magnitude can be quite the dilemma. Around this time of year, incredibly popular people can be left with approximately 99 problems while trying to figure out what to wear to a wedding as a groom, a groomsmen, or a guest — and maybe all three in one summer.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when getting dressed for a wedding. One day you’re a groomsmen in a wedding at a church, and the next weekend you’re sitting on a stool in a barn watching your coworker recite their vows over a chorus of pig and chicken noises (jk). Here, a guide that is hopefully the least painless way for you to  ...


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Wedding Roundup #012

Whether you’re planning a garden party or a grand ballroom affair, we’ve rounded up the perfect wedding dress for every bride. From romantic lace to flirty chiffon to a fabulous vintage find, these gorgeous gowns will make their jaws drop ...

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The 'Men's Fitness' wedding survival guide

So you're always fretting over the perfect gift, getting the dress code right (without looking like a schmuck), and nailing down proper etiquette? Relax: So is every other guy on the planet. This cheat sheet will answer every wedding question ...

Men's Fitness

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The ultimate guide to bridal make-up

Whether you’re getting married at home or abroad, going for a classic white dress or something bolder, there is one thing every bride has in common – the desire for flawless make-up. That said, you still want your groom to recognise you at the altar. Yes, wedding make-up is notoriously tricky to perfect – you need it to last for hours and to show up in photographs without looking mask-like on the day ...

The Telegraph

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Wedding Roundup #011

Speech-impaired couple gets married at silent wedding

HUBBALLI: Hundreds of speech-impaired peoplecame from far and near to bless a newly married hearing-impaired couple at Hirekerur in Haveri district on Sunday.

Ashwini, (Vedavati after marriage), who is from Hirekerur and has done a diploma course in architecture, married Parathasarathi, who is from Hindupur, Andhra Pradesh and works in a private firm in Bengaluru after doing ...


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A happy guide’s bride to a lavish wedding on a budget

Newlyweds Areke and Lindsey Latham met at an Eyemasters in Joplin, Mo. Lindsey sold a lovely stranger a pair of glasses and the customer wrote her number on the receipt. Areke’s brave move landed her a new boyfriend and, eventually, a husband.

The Lathams dated for nearly eight years before their big day. Both in their early 30s, they’re originally from the Kansas City area but now live in Columbia, Mo.

Getting started...

The Kansas City Star

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Country Life's brides guide backs more modest nuptials

Couples who dream of an extravagant wedding have been told to step away from the frills and flounces and get back to basics.

Lavish, multi-day nuptials have been overdone, says Country Life magazine.

Instead it is recommending brides-to-be opt for a more stripped-back, classy affair.

As befits the quintessentially English magazine, it has issued a gentle plea for restraint for the coming wedding season...


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Wedding Roundup #010

A Comprehensive Guide To Pricing Your Wedding Photography

f you've ever thought about shooting a wedding, you have probably wondered: "How much should I charge to shoot a wedding?" In this free excerpt from the wedding photography tutorial, "How to Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer," we are going to talk about pricing your wedding photography. In addition to this free lesson, we are offering a limited time discount if you'd like to purchase the full tutorial...

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Many brides think nothing of spending thousands of pounds on their wedding gown.

And yet, when it comes to cleansing skin and prepping it to ensure a flawless finish, just as many brides are happy to leave it to chance … praying they don’t fall victim to a dreaded pimple outbreak ahead of the big day.

Award-winning celebrity make-up artist, Sarah Brock is a bridal make-up expert for Chanel, who was ...


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5 Wedding After-Party Ideas To Keep The Good Times Rolling

The best thing about attending prom, fashion shows, or even the Oscars is not the event — it's the after-parties. The most unforgettable memories happen when everyone is high on the joy of celebration and feels comfortable enough to let loose, which is precisely why many couples are now incorporating late-night fetes into their weddings. In fact, the search volume for "after-party inspiration" on Pinterest has risen 35% over the past year, according to a report released by the...


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Wedding Roundup #009

Uncorked: Your Detailed Guide to Wedding Wines

You’re getting hitched. You’ve spent months making sure everything’s impeccable—the flowers, the music, the bow tie. But how much attention have you given to the wine? Yes, most of your guests will drink to the point where they don’t even care what’s in the glass, but there’s no reason the booze at your reception shouldn’t be as memorable as everything else on your big day.

The first order of business: “Don’t trust the caterer,” ...

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Every question you had about wedding shoes, answered

From how much to spend, to whether flip flops are a faux pas, we’ve asked the experts and compiled a comprehensive guide to shopping for your wedding shoes...

How much should I spend on my wedding shoes?

Let’s start with the budget, shall we? Bridebook’s UK Wedding Report for 2017 suggests that the average bride will spend £1,329 on her entire wedding look. It’s of course entirely up to you to assess how much you can afford, and also how much importance you place on the shoes, versus the dress and other key items like veils and jewellery. Widely, 10-15% of the cost of the dress is the recommended spend on shoes. According to etiquette experts Debrett’s, though, the bride’s family should pay. Might as well go to town then...

The Telegraph

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How to Have a Wedding in a New York City Apartment

You’re already sleeping in the city’s best venue. Here’s our everything guide to the apartment wedding, including how one couple pulled it off, advice from a wedding planner who specializes in atypical venues, a word from the fire marshal, and more.

 How One Couple Did It ...

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Wedding Roundup #008

A Nontraditional Bride's Guide to a Traditional Wedding

So you’re planning a wedding, yay! But what if you’re not a traditional bride? You may not want the cliché white dress and church wedding, but you do want a night to remember while celebrating with family and friends. If this sounds like you, there are some ways you can modernize your wedding without offending your grandmother...

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To marks its collaboration with The Lanesborough and new 2017 wedding guide, Debrett's academy director, Rupert Wesson, discusses manners, nobility and the future of etiquette

English writer Mary Wollstonecraft once said: “Men and women must be educated, in a great degree, by the opinions and manners of the society...

Luxury London

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What not-to-do during a wedding proposal

Weddings are special and wedding proposals, even more. Asking your significant other to spend the rest of his/her life with you is a personal and beautiful gesture. One, which will not only decide the answer to that question, but also remain with you both for the rest of your lives. Nowadays, there’s a lot of creative thought that goes behind a marriage proposal – most times it involves taking the beloved by complete surprise –which can end either well or maybe not so well. Here’s a guide of what not-to-do during a wedding proposal...


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Wedding Roundup #007

Brides, Here's Your Definitive Guide to Wedding-Registry Etiquette

Your wedding registry can be anything you want it to be, from a curated list of items for your new home to a honeymoon fund to help with that trip of a lifetime. But no matter what you decide to register for, making sure your registry is well planned and organized will make the whole process that much easier for you and your guests. Here are our experts’ top tips that you can’t forget when you’re putting together your wedding registry!...

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Baby helps couple retrieve missing wedding ring

A baby has helped reunite a married couple with a wedding ring they had given up as lost.

Andy Freeman, 33, and his 28-year-old wife Steph had searched their Norwich home from top to bottom when Mr Freeman’s wedding band went missing last year, but it was nowhere to be found...


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The Dos And Don’ts Of Writing A Kick-Ass Groom’s Speech

If you’re trying to write a groom’s speech that won’t end your marriage before it begins, then you’ve come to the right place; just follow the advice below.

1. Don’t Confuse Your Role

The Father of The Bride warms everybody up with some cheesy jokes and wisdom. The Groom lays on some sentiment and makes everybody bawl. Finally, the best man finishes with an embarrassing tirade of stories about you. Don’t try to be the all-out comedian, and make sure you discuss the contents of your speech with your right-hand man...

The GoodMenProject

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