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Groom Happy When Friends Left During His Wedding Speech

An RNLI crew man was in the middle of his wedding speech when he was interrupted by pagers from the guests and a few of his friends left.  He did not take offense though as he narrated in this report from BBC,

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10 Quick Wedding Toast Tips

Wedding Toast

The following tips are from a section in our ebook “Guide to Wedding Speech or Toast” Make sure that you are prepared. You have to decide who is toasting, in which order they will be toasting and what you will

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What To Avoid Saying In Wedding Toasts in its recent article published “7 Things that Should Never Be Said in a Wedding Toast“.  For most of us, the items in this list would seem elementary and it is just common sense to avoid saying these.  However,

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Wrapped Wedding Speech

I was confused at first when I heard that a bride had wrapped her wedding speech.  An immediate guess that I had was perhaps she wrote the wedding speech, laminated it and wrapped it as a gift.  I couldn’t be

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