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Eliminate the stress of wedding speeches, planning and preparation and make weddings enjoyable and memorable as it is intended to be.


6 Tips For a Minimalist Wedding

There are many very valid reasons why couples would opt for a minimalist wedding. Focus on the real essence of a wedding ceremony and not get too caught up with the planning and preparation of peripheral items. Have a more

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Guide To Give Thanks To Your Wedding

There are so many things that need to be planned for in a wedding and for a bride and groom, preparations for the big wedding day can be stressful.  That is why every bit of help from family and friends

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6 Winter Wedding Outfit Guides

So you have a winter wedding to attend to and you are still undecided on what to wear.  Are you still wondering on how to create an impression on your outfit during this cold season?   Well, wonder no more

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Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends

Rose Gold Rose Gold, which had started trending from 2015 is still gaining further popularity.  The popularity of this color may have been largely driven by the Rose Gold colors of Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s galaxy phones.  You may be surprised

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