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Eliminate the stress of wedding speeches, planning and preparation and make weddings enjoyable and memorable as it is intended to be.


5 Good Best Man Speech Examples

Here are 5 Best Man speech that you can use as a template or just to get ideas on how you would write your wedding speech.  If you need more help in your wedding speech you can check out our

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Top 10 Wedding Speech Tips

Here are 10 tips for giving a great wedding speech:   Develop a plan and imagine objectives & potential outcomes. There is nothing worse than not knowing what you want to get out of giving your speech during a wedding.

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How Long Should A Wedding Speech Be?

A good friend of yours has finally proposed and got engaged and you were asked to be the best man. You are happy for the couple, honoured to be the best man in the wedding and expect everyone to live happily ever after. However, after the

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Practical Guide to Having Your Wedding Details Online

When was the last time you received a paper-based invitation?  Chances are, it would have been before the social media became popular. However, if you are not technically savvy, the idea of having your wedding details online may seem to

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