Guide on Selecting Wedding Favors


Wedding favors could be a hit or miss with regards to your guests appreciating it.  Here are a few things to consider to help you in selecting wedding favors.  And hopefully your wedding favors will be appreciated and kept by your guests.

  1. Have a set budget - This has to be the first step before you do anything related to your wedding favors.  Have the budget in proportion to your overall wedding budget.  It is recommended not to have your wedding favor cost no more than 8% of your total wedding budget.
  2. Check your Guestlist - There are 2 main things you need to check on your guest list
    • Number of guests - Divide your budget that you defined in Tip #1 by the number in your guest list.  This should give you a price range of the item price.  You can then use this price range as a filter when you will be shopping at Etsy, amazon, eBay, etc.  Determining your price range and limiting your searches based on the result will prove to be a big time saver for you.  You wouldn't believe how much time and effort it will take if you don't have a filter on your search.  You will eventually be bookmarking so many pages, click a million links and still have not shortlisted anything yet.
    • Demographics of your guests - Try to see what age group dominates in your guest list and/or what are their common interests.  This would also help you narrow down on your choices.
  3. Get ideas - I love going to Pinterest when I want to discover ideas. It is such a deep well of suggestions from people all over the world.  Etsy is also a good place to explore.  In fact, you can get started with Etsy using the filters that you have created on tip #2.  However, I always caution people that I recommend to Pinterest or Etsy.  Allocate a fixed duration of your time in these sites at it can be a complete time drain.  I would suggest setting a timer to limit your time on these sites. Here are links to Pinterest and Etsy which you can start exploring after you read this article:
  4. Be Practical - In my humble opinion, wedding favors should not only be something pretty but also something that your guest might want to keep.  I have seen so many wedding favors that are just a waste and not even looked at again.  Give something that your guests can use and remember your wedding by.

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Here are a few items we have seen in Etsy that might be something that your guest can appreciate and eventually use:

Pictures are from Etsy Sales Page.

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