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Its a Toast not a Roast

It’s a Toast not a Roast   The Cleveland19 News has a Wedding Wednesday Segment.  In their Week #7 segment, they talked about the perfect toast.  The very first thing that they highlighted as an absolute thing one should not

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Wedding Gift Giving Guide

If you are stressed out on what to get a couple on their wedding, we can help you out with this wedding gift giving guide. Get it from the Registry – This would be the clear top tip.  Obviously, items

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Importance of Speech Giving on Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

There are plenty of good reasons for having rehearsal dinners. It’s an opportunity for parties from the groom and the bride to get to know each other. It is to break the ice before the big event. However, many miss

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Guide on Selecting Wedding Favors

Wedding favors could be a hit or miss with regards to your guests appreciating it.  Here are a few things to consider to help you in selecting wedding favors.  And hopefully your wedding favors will be appreciated and kept by your

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